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Is it Education or Political Activism?

Or is it both?

The California Board of Education “wants to turn your children into militant leftists.

Will the proposal currently before the Clover Park School District Board (CPSD) result in the same? Kaylee McGhee White writes in her opinion piece for the March 18, 2021 Washington Examiner that “a divisive and radical educational curriculum that would force a series of courses into the public school system based in critical race theory and the social justice agenda of the Left” is expected to be passed by the California Board of Education.

According to White, “These courses will become the new norm in California, and before long, they will spread to other blue states too.”

Like Washington?

On the website of Washington’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), there is a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) referenced page that claims students are empowered when barriers are demolished.

Those barriers, according to OSPI, are “power and privilege, implicit biases, and institutional racism.”

OSPI also references the National Equity Project (NEP) which site claims the “current system” – referencing the dismal state of “institutions” presumably including education – is an “oppressive, dehumanizing system that reinforces the marginalization of certain groups.”

Being “liberated” from these “oppressive, dehumanizing systems” is the goal.

If it appears from the above that this curriculum promoted by Washington’s OSPI has political overtones – as White opines is the goal of California’s educational elite: “to turn your children into militant leftists” – consider that one of SEL’s curriculum goals is to “cultivate students’ political consciousness and support students to challenge injustice.”

Is the political activation of students in the CPSD a goal? Like White says it is in California Educational system?

Consider that the contact person of the consulting firm providing DEI training to CPSD teachers and staff is Mike Beebe.

Beebe served as Board Chairperson on the Board of Directors for COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) “a national organization advocating for the rights of GLBT families.”

The Executive Director of COLAGE, Jordan Budd, had this to say in response to the attack on the U.S. Capitol. “We will not succeed in uplifting democracy or bringing queer liberation to all members of the LGBTQ+ community until we do the work of dismantling white supremacy.”

Add these folks – with their ties to political activism – to the mix of OSPI’s political leanings in its SEL curriculum makes suspect what the CPSD Board is pursuing.

Demolition teams appear to be forming locally. Less than a month from now at its meeting April 19, 2021, the Lakewood City Council plans to pass a joint resolution with the Clover Park School Board that targets “systemic inequality and racism (as) barriers to assuring the basic principles of diversity, equity, inclusion for historically marginalized people groups.” And you, the people of Lakewood, evidently approve.

Here is the opening “WHEREAS” statement of Resolution 2021-04 (p.66): “The people of the City of Lakewood and the Clover Park School District value and acknowledge that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to our community.”

When did you, the people of Lakewood, agree to the above statement?

Enter the words “City of Lakewood seeks input” in the Search Box of The Suburban Times where 40,000 readers are said to peruse those pages of online news every month, and the results will show that no input was sought of the people of Lakewood by the City of Lakewood concerning Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Enter the words “Clover Park School Board seeks input” in that same Search Box and only one example of the Clover Park School Board seeking input from the people of Lakewood will appear.

That one example also has nothing to do with DEI but rather that one example of the CPSD seeking input from the people of Lakewood concerned a survey as to what the people of Lakewood thought about technology.

That one and only request seeking input of the people of the City of Lakewood by the CPSD was back in 2008.

An oversight?

Is there something here the people of Lakewood do not know, but should know, there being after all, 11,865 of your children attending Clover Park schools?

Consider that on the night of the January 11 Zoom meeting of the CPSD Board, when Director Paul Wagemann asked for background information on the consultant providing training to the District on the subjects of DEI, with the exception of the board relenting enough to provide a link to the consultant’s website, Wagemann’s request was denied.

Also consider that on the night of December 21, 2020 – a special meeting of the school board called for directors to discuss what Wagemann meant by his “crack the whip” comment made the previous week – Wagemann gave his defense but his ‘postmortem’ request to have his explanation included in the minutes of that meeting was denied.

And now the Lakewood City Council and the Clover Park School Board claim you – “the people of the City of Lakewood value and acknowledge that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to our community.”

Indeed, you might.

But if you were never asked, is that claim true?

Letter: Is It Education or Political Activism? | The Suburban Times ( – March 24, 2021


David Anderson


March 24, 2021

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