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Two letters were read by Clover Park School Board President Marty Schafer at the May 10, 2021 school board meeting.

Both letters favored the district’s continued pursuit of what the writers called “the journey to discovering equity and becoming anti-racist,” and the need “to dismantle the systems of oppression.”

Based upon the Freedom of Information Act, immediately upon the conclusion of the school board meeting, a formal request was made for all letters received by the school board since April 1, 2021.

The next morning, on May 11, 2021 the district responded: “We received two public comments for the May 10, board meeting. There were no public comments for the April 12, 2021 meeting.”

Thereupon the Public Disclosure Request was closed.

However, there are in fact at least five letters that have been received by the school board over the past month; the two that were read by Schafer the evening of May 10 in support of the district’s “equity journey” and at least three other letters that are critical of that journey, calling for the school board to “focus on academics.”

Shafer even wrote in response to at least two of those three unread-in-public-session, ‘unacknowledged’ letters thanking the author.

“Your voice is important to us as is each/every voice in our community,” Shafer wrote.

But only two letters were read – only the two favoring the district’s position.

That said, three letters have not been read – the ones critical of the district’s position.

Those three letters, as far as the public’s right to know, do not even ‘officially’ exist.

Why is this?


David Anderson


May 13, 2021

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